Steve Winistorfer, CEO/President of TECO, started TECO’s PELICE week off with clients and invited guests to a local restaurant to share ideas about emerging issues in our industry—and share a little food and drink.  The venue boosted the spirits of friends and colleagues who had been weighed down by the topic on everyone’s mind, the economy.

Optimistic about the future, Winistorfer focused TECO’s Friday session on Emerging Issues for Engineered Wood Products and Panel Producers. The session moderator did have to call some audibles due to the epic East Coast snow storm that prevented two of the speakers from making it to Atlanta. TECO’s experience as a certification agency with clients across the globe, as well as a Green Building Verifier and CARB certification agency allowed Winistorfer and his panel to cover a wide range of topics, including moisture management dynamics, green building standards, and the Lacey Act. The sessions were well attended, and Winistorfer received positive responses from attendees.